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Put your financial brain on autopilot; focus on what you do best

Cash & debt management

Optimizing cash flow via systematic balance between inflows (i.e. active income, asset producing income, etc.) and outflows (cost of living expenses, loans, mortgage, etc.)

Build financial literacy around your personal ‘run rate’ and establish best practices for how you and your family spend your hard-earned income

Understand your debt and identify sound repayment, disintermediation or refinancing strategies while still being able save for your goals (i.e. retirement, children’s education, home purchase, etc.)

Ensure you have sufficient liquid assets in the event of an emergency, disability, time-in-between-jobs or any other unexpected turn of events

See more of your hard-earned dollars

Tax planning

Comprehensive analysis of all financial strategies and tactics to ensure a concerted effort to pay the least amount of taxes legally allowable

Implement a tax management strategy that goes well-beyond simple filing each tax season – minimizing what you owe and maximizing what you can save and invest

Reduce your overall tax liability by utilizing available deductions and creative tax mitigation methods to gain utility and leverage

Optimize for tax efficiency* across your entire integrated financial roadmap, including proactive investment management, charitable considerations along with wills, trusts and estate planning tactics

Confidently navigate your road to retirement

Retirement planning

Segmenting and optimizing income earned during your working years to ensure a comfortable lifestyle when you are no longer working

Ideate your retirement lifestyle through the use of sophisticated models and scenario planning to understand how much money you need to achieve your retirement vision, considering inflation, time horizon, expected returns, etc.

Maximize your saving for retirement through an accumulation strategy and diverse portfolio that builds off your current employer-sponsored plans i.e. 403(b), 401(k) or 457(b)

Establish and execute decumulation strategies leading up to and throughout your retirement years to maximize your lifestyle latitude (i.e. ability to continue spending) while systematically reducing your taxable estate and keeping more for your family

Put your hard-earned capital to work

Investment management

The management of the accumulation, conservation and decumulation of financial assets and other investments along a continuum of time horizon to achieve desired goals

Implement an overarching investment strategy that balances returns and upside with potential risk (downside) across an asset allocation mix aligned with your financial roadmap and investment parameters

Apply behavioral finance principles to gain literacy in the markets to capitalize on micro / macros shifts with your fiduciary advisor

Employ tax-efficiency techniques throughout the entirety of your portfolio as applicable, including but not limited to: tax-loss harvesting, capital gains management, tax-efficient investing strategies for high-earners, etc.

Retain your control, no matter the circumstance

Trusts & estate planning

Retaining control in the face of potential adversity (health care events, incapacitation, etc.) via techniques to preserve, manage and distribute any level of assets

Formulate and execute an estate plan* that ensures effective continuity of management of your familial and / or business interests, while reducing administrative costs and mitigating tax exposure

Protect your familial and / or business interests in an intentional way while establishing guardrails and directives in the face of unforeseen incapacitation or morbidity

Implement sophisticated estate planning techniques to decrease your taxable estate while adding layers of protection against outside factors (creditors, lawsuits, divorce, spendthrift, etc.)

Sleep better at night knowing your tangibles (and intangibles) are protected

Risk management & insurance planning

Establishing safeguards to minimize the potential loss associated with risk to your tangible and most importantly, intangible assets i.e. health, earning potential, etc.

Identify a comprehensive risk management strategy that evaluates tangible (and intangible) risk and potential loss while determining strategic ways of either retaining risk via self-insuring or leveraging insurance solutions

Purpose-build and monitor your existing insurance policies, ensuring current and future alignment with your overarching financial roadmap

Integrate advanced risk management and insurance planning tactics with retirement planning and trusts and estate planning to amplify your decumulation / distribution strategy and estate tax funding respectively

Chart the most efficient course towards the lifestyle you envision

Lifestyle Planning℠
Our proprietary, purpose-built financial solution for high-earners who demand more

Factor in existing supplemental benefits and emotive aspirations

Assign opportunity cost to the financial decisions you make now

Create a shared roadmap for achieving your desired lifestyle from residency through retirement

Consult your own personal attorney, legal or tax counsel for advice on specific legal and tax matters.*