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Financial Planner and Consultant for Physicians in New York, NY

Safeguard your and your family’s financial health and optimize your earning trajectory with integrated financial services, including tax-efficient financial planning for physicians in New York, NY.
Financial Planner & Consultant for Physicians


At Prolific Solutions, we specialize in helping physicians create, navigate and delegate their financial roadmap, from tax planning and retirement planning to investment management and estate planning.

Schedule a consult with a fiduciary advisor and accelerate toward your financial goals today.

Gain Security and Peace of Mind With Financial Planning for Physicians in New York, NY

Allow us to help orchestrate your financial affairs so you can focus on your patients and practice.

Discover some of the advantages of our professional financial planning services:

  • Effectively lower your tax bill and employ tax mitigation techniques via tax planning
  • Hang up your white coat confidently by leveraging tax efficient retirement planning
  • Maximize your financial picture potential with investment management tailored to your risk-tolerance and aspirational goals
  • Retain control in the face of potential adversity through sophisticated wills, trusts and estate planning
  • Hedge against the uncertainties of life and potential loss of income via risk management and insurance planning

By aligning your financial planning closely with your lifestyle and career lifecycle, you can effectively free up time to focus on what matters most.

Why Enlist the Help of a Fiduciary Financial Advisor for Retirement Planning?

While we leverage tax-efficient strategies at every stage of the planning process, we specialize in holistic, integrated financial and retirement planning to physicians at all stages of their careers. Whether you’ve just started practicing medicine or on the road to retirement or somewhere in between, it’s never too early or too late to start financial planning with a client-centric fiduciary advisor.

Working with expert-level CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ helps you achieve retirement goals in a strategic way that aligns with your career ambitions and familial needs. Beyond this, we are also available to integrate the overarching planning process with other elements of a holistic financial plan, including but not limited to: foundational financial literacy, elements of behavioral finance, emotive and aspirational goal-setting and career advisory.

We offer comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning and tax mitigation services for physicians throughout the New York Metropolitan area. You can also rely on us for risk management and insurance planning, wealth management, and estate planning.

At Prolific Solutions, we have been working with high-earning executive and physician households for over 60 years and are committed to serving physicians with the same unwavering integrity that they bring to their practice.

Contact us today for integrated financial planning services for physicians in New York, NY.

*Asset Allocation neither assures a profit nor protects against a loss in a declining market. Consult your own personal attorney legal or tax counsel for advice on specific legal and tax matters.

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